General Conditions

These general conditions apply to the supply of Vita-Spray (Seller) and any sales-agreement between Vita-Spray and the Customer.


The Customer confirms that he has taken notice of the general conditions of the product as listed on the screen (name, price, components, weight, quantity, color, product, service charges, etc..) at the time of placing the order and to accept them, only applicable to the relevant order, without reservation and expressly.


The Customer can check the order by clicking on the "Shopping Cart" tab. The order consists of a summary of all purchase details that the Customer then agrees to by clicking on the "Confirm Order" button.

The automatic registration of Vita-Spray , being the content and date of the order, is considered sufficient proof of the agreement. Orders over five hundred (500) euros (incl. IVA) must first be confirmed by Vita-Spray to the Customer by email. This confirmation of the sale must be returned, signed by the Customer. All orders of a higher value through the website may therefore not be registered as legally valid.

Order confirmation

Vita-Spray confirms the acceptance of the Customer’s order by email. The sale will only be finalized after this confirmation has been sent and after receipt of Customer’s payment.

Vita-Spray reserves the right to refuse an order, for any reason what so ever, for example, if there are problems with the supply of products, a problem associated with the received order (p.e. an unreadable document) or any other reason related to a future delivery. Vita-Spray will keep the Customer informed at all times by any means within their power.

All new orders will be considered valid if there are no debts open with respect to any previous orders from Customer. The finalizing of the purchase will be made only upon receipt of any and all owed payments from the Customer to Vita-Spray.

Processing & Shipping time

The processing time of an order usually takes between 3 to 5 working days and will start as soon as we receipt the payment. In the case an item is out of stock when placing the order, the customer will immediately be notified by Vita-Spray and will be informed about the next available date or will be offered a replacement. Delivery is entirely at the risk of the recipient.

The Customer will be informed by e-mail as soon about the date that the order has been presented to the postal service and will be provided with the corresponding tracking code.  The Shipping times mentioned on our site are the indications given by the Portuguese postal service (CTT). We cannot be held responsible if the order takes longer to arrive.

There will be no refunds for late delivery until post office investigation confirms that the package is lost. Post office returns due to no-one home to sign or non-collection from depot, will be re-invoiced for redelivery.

Product information

The photographs illustrating the products are indicative. The texts that accompany them are a reproduction of the data. Any differences between the pictures and the products are only minimal differences and in no way a major difference in specifications of the products. The color of the items displayed in the online store may different from the actual color of the product.

Personal information

Vita-Spray has the obligation to protect your personal information. All collected personal data will not be used, except for processing of Customer’s order. Vita-Spray will never sell, let or otherwise share Customer’s information to third parties without permission.


The Customer is entitled to the legal warranty against defects or defaults in the purchased products. All our products are produced under strict quality control. However, the warranty does not apply to defects or deficiencies due to poor treatment, lack of maintenance or due to care which is in contrary to our instructions. The Customer may find instructions and recommendations for the purchased product on our website.

Right of withdrawal

The Customer has the right to return the purchase, without any further given reason, within a period of seven (7) days after receipt of the goods, for an exchange or refund (provided it is complete (accessories, registration , etc…), in good condition and in the original packaging, accompanied by the invoice). Shipping costs for the return are to be paid by the Customer.
However, the Customer must, within that period, notify Vita-Spray, by means of our return form, about the sending with the mention whether it is an exchange or refund and the product must then be returned within fourteen (14) days after this notification. In case of a refund Vita-Spray will refund the purchase price, minus the shipping costs, a.s.a.p. to the Customer, no later than thirty (30) days after receipt of the product.

In case of defects or other defaults, the Customer must contact Vita-Spray by email and Vita-Spray will try to resolve Customer's complaint in the best possible way.

All rights reserved

While visiting the website of Vita-Spray, which is the owner of all rights, the Customer will not copy or download any of the content, in whole or partly, without any prior written permission of Vita-Spray.


For questions and/or concerns about your order, any of the products of Vita-Spray or these Terms of Service, please contact us through our contact form.